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Diversity breeds creativity

full service Web3 agency and NFT studio

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About us

BABs is a Web3 marketing agency offering customized solutions to help companies develop their brand identity, tell their story, build their technology, and connect to their community.

We don’t believe in competition in Web3. To us, it’s all about authenticity. Our approach to your team and product development is centered around highlighting all the diverse and authentic elements of your brand and then communicating that to your audience. We believe that this is the only way to achieve promising results and organic growth in the space.




BABs launched websh3 with a mission to bring together diverse leaders at the forefront of Web3. In less than a year, the event series focused on sustainability, social impact, creator economy and infrastructure projects that are moving the needle grew into a strong knowledge sharing platform that opens access to high-quality networks, partnerships, and investments.

Consisting of various activities, including expert panels, pitching competitions, workshops, hackathons and immersive digital art exhibitions, each websh3 event is an experience that connects, activates and engages those who participate, building a powerful community that can make a lasting impact.


How we help

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Creative Concept

We'll come up with captivating visual and/or sound concepts for your NFTs. To us, it's all about conveying the emotion that excites and connects to your community.

Artwork and Digital
Assets Creation

Our experienced and digitally advanced design team of 30 will execute the artsy part of your whole collection making sure your vision matches the final result.


Marketplace, smart contract development and audit, minting and other technical support - our dev team will take care of your collection from A to Z.

Storytelling & PR

Storytelling is key and authenticity is what makes it effective. We will build a compelling storyline for your project and feature it in top-tier media.

SM & Community Management

We'll help to set up your socials, create engaging content, and execute creative campaigns, designed to grow your community organically.


Want to throw a fancy yacht party for your collection launch? Want Jay-Z to perform there? We're the ones to go to.

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Immersive NFT Art Gallery by:

Project Zero

Project Zero works to protect and restore the ocean to turn the tide on the climate crisis. Using NFT art and collaborating with world famous artists, musicians, and celebrity leaders including:

Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger, Jordan Barrett, Will Poulter, Sienna Miller, Liv Tyler, Rita Ora, Slash, Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and a global coalition of scientists, leaders and supporters help to spread the global diversity of our reach.

500m+ Followers on Instagram, 300m+ Followers on Twitter, 100+ A-list Ambassadors

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