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Your Growth Journey 

Thrive in today’s market

Major roadblocks on most growth journeys are related to weak strategy, lack of funding, or poor GTM execution. We have what it takes for you and your team to successfully overcome your biggest challenges, maximize your business potential and achieve industry-wide impact.


Since focusing on product development is crucial, many promising projects lack the bandwidth for building a business and effectively reaching the market. As future-focused pragmatists, we help you bridge that gap ensuring your strategy excels in both areas.


Our senior team is committed to providing you with a valuable edge in securing funding. Besides our tailored fundraising offering, we leverage access to extensive VC and partner ecosystem, all while reinvesting a percentage of service fees back into your project.


Emerging tech is a fast-moving sector and staying ahead of industry trends demands flawless execution. We work alongside your team from ideation to implementation, supercharging your PR, marketing, and communication operations – allowing you to go to market faster and with greater success.

Strategy tailored to your objectives


Sucessfuly navigate the implementation process


Sucessfuly navigate the implementation process

Stay on track

Analyze performance and optimize for the desired impact


Define the most effective strategy for your project

Grow your brand in Web3


Gain an edge in an evolving digital landscape that prioritizes user-centric experiences.


Unlock new ways to monetize your offerings and enhance user engagement.


Cultivate a strong and loyal user base that can support and advocate for your project.

How we help

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Marketing Strategy

Leveraging insights from competitive and target market analysis, we’ll help you to stand out and amplify your impact – whether it comes to audiences, partners, or investors.

Digital Assets Creation

Our talented 30 designers will help with creating a unique visual identity and user-centric experiences that will ensure your brand makes a lasting impact.

Storytelling & PR

Storytelling is key and authenticity is what makes it effective. We will build a compelling storyline and feature it in top-tier media.

SMM, Community Management & Paid Ads

We’ll help to set up your socials, create engaging content, and execute creative campaigns, designed to grow your community organically. Increase your visibility and brand awareness by delivering impactful campaigns that resonate with your target audience and inspire action.

Tech Development

Whether with web development or smart contract deployment and audit, our skilled developers provide comprehensive tech support for your project's seamless execution.


Thanks to our renowned event producers and carefully curated international event series, we provide unique opportunities for IRL experiences that activate growth and ignite collaboration.


From an investor deck review to supporting a raise, benefit from our senior in-house team’s expertise to secure funding – at any stage.

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NFT Marketing Strategy + Execution

Plug directly into one of our exclusive NFT collections and get access to:

  • Creative ideation + artist management
  • Software development + technical support
  • NFT marketing: social media, PR, and communications execution
  • Event management + launch

Base Investment

BABs’ NFT Studio

Fully Branded NFT Collection

Let our team help you launch an NFT collection that is fully in your brand and curated to meet your goals:

  • Concept + audience development
  • Full branding + messaging
  • Artist scouting + management
  • Technical build
  • NFT marketing: social media, PR, and communications execution
  • Event management + launch

Base Investment
+ percentage of NFT sales


Curious if our tailored solutions are the right fit for your project? Find out here.

BABs leverages its expertise in emerging technologies and strategic insights to develop unique value propositions for client projects. By analyzing market trends, identifying competitive advantages, and crafting innovative strategies, we help clients differentiate their offerings, stand out in the crowded tech landscape, and gain a competitive edge. That said, we firmly believe that authenticity is the key ingredient for achieving promising results and driving organic growth in the industry. Our unique approach to your team and product development is centered around highlighting all the diverse and authentic elements of your brand and then communicating that to your audience.

BABs specializes in a wide range of industries within the emerging tech landscape. Our team has experience and knowledge across sectors such as Web3, blockchain, crypto, DeFi, fintech, gaming, AI and ML, IoT, and many more. We adapt our strategies to meet the specific needs and dynamics of each industry.

BABs' services are designed to benefit various types of companies, including startups, scale-ups, established enterprises, and even non-profit organizations. Whether you are a tech startup looking to gain market traction, a larger company aiming to pivot into emerging technologies, or an NGO seeking to leverage innovation for societal impact, we can provide tailored strategies and support to drive your growth.

BABs has an extensive network and industry connections that we leverage to facilitate strategic partnerships for our clients. Whether it's identifying potential investors, engaging in ecosystem mapping, or advising on partnership strategies, BABs can help clients build strong alliances, access new markets, and foster meaningful collaborations with key stakeholders.

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