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Bring your brand to Web3

NFTs are changing the game

Web3 is already changing the way customers engage with brands—from metaverse collaborations between Fortnite and Balenciaga to Louis Vitton’s new Web3 game and more. Not sure if marketing in Web3 is right for your brand? Here are a few of the benefits.

Lead your industry

Pioneer new ideas in Web3

Be one of the first in your industry to enter Web3

Get a competitive advantage with customers and partners

Build immersive brands

Stand out from the crowd

Present the underrepresented

Spice up your brand with a range of exclusive sound, visual, material attributes

Reach new audiences

Appeal to the new target
audience, i.e., tech-savvy Gen-Z

Excite those 70% living in the new digital paradigm – all by showcasing traditional and digital is connectible

Successful NFT brand launches


Launched 30,000 NFTs
and generated

$23.5 million


Launched 30,000 NFTs
and generated

$23.5 million


Dropped 621 NFTs
and generated

$3.1 million

Dolce & Gabbana

Launched 9NFTs
and generated

$5.7 million

Your customers and Web3


Customers are already purchasing fashion NFTs and dressing their digital avatars in the brands they love.


Several games in the metaverse allow users to dress their player avatars in branded NFT fashion 'skins'.


It is becoming increasingly popular for brands to use NFTs for social media engagement, boosting consumer loyalty and community growth.

How we help

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Creative Concept

We'll come up with captivating visual and/or sound concepts for your NFTs. To us, it's all about conveying the emotion that excites and connects to your community.

Artwork and Digital
Assets Creation

Our experienced and digitally advanced design team of 30 will execute the artsy part of your whole collection making sure your vision matches the final result.


Marketplace, smart contract development and audit, minting and other technical support - our dev team will take care of your collection from A to Z.

Storytelling & PR

Storytelling is key and authenticity is what makes it effective. We will build a compelling storyline for your project and feature it in top-tier media.

SM & Community Management

We'll help to set up your socials, create engaging content, and execute creative campaigns, designed to grow your community organically.


Want to throw a fancy yacht party for your collection launch? Want Jay-Z to perform there? We're the ones to go to.

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NFT Marketing Strategy + Execution

Plug directly into one of our exclusive NFT collections and get access to:

  • Creative ideation + artist management
  • Software development + technical support
  • NFT marketing: social media, PR, and communications execution
  • Event management + launch

Base Investment

How we work with you

Fully Branded NFT Collection

Let our team help you launch an NFT collection that is fully in your brand and curated to meet your goals:

  • Concept + audience development
  • Full branding + messaging
  • Artist scouting + management
  • Technical build
  • NFT marketing: social media, PR, and communications execution
  • Event management + launch

Base Investment
+ percentage of NFT sales


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NFTs (short for 'Non-Fungible Tokens') are created or ‘minted’ on distributed digital ledgers called blockchains, which makes them similar to cryptocurrencies. Unlike cryptocurrencies, which are fungible, NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens used as proof of authenticity and ownership of almost anything, from real-world objects like real estate and cars to digital items, such as art and music.

The value of an NFT comes from the property it represents, which is generally something that exists in the real or digital world. As proof of ownership of a blockchain record, NFTs are unique digital identifiers that cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided. Recorded on a blockchain, ownership of an NFT can be traded and sold by the owner.

The metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection and interactions. As tokens minted and recorded on blockchains, NFTs enable individuals and businesses to easily represent their real-world assets and solutions in this immersive digital environment. From unlocking new identity experiences to facilitating transactions and purchases in the metaverse, NFTs are poised to play a key role in the new open economy and social transformation.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies used as a medium of exchange over a computer network without reliance on any central authority. With transactions being verified and recorded by a distributed system that uses cryptography, blockchain-based cryptocurrencies facilitate direct peer-to-peer transactions that are opening up possibilities of commerce in the metaverse, making virtual items like NFTs exchangeable for real economic value.

Web3 is a term used to describe the third generation of internet technologies, a decentralized World Wide Web that is being built, operated, and owned by its users. Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs form the basis for its permissionless, trustless, and native payment solutions. Although Web3 prioritizes security and privacy over surveillance and control by putting users in charge of their data, it is not immune to cyber security risks, just like any other web technology.

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