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From zero to hero in Web3

From project ideation to software development, design, marketing, launch events, and everything in between.

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Creative labs

We focus a lot on creating a strong storyline for your brand that sets the foundation for a successful marketing push. Our award-winning design studio will help to create an authentic visual identity that will match your story, design pitch decks and brand books, or make exclusive art for your NFT collections.

Marketing & Community

Web3 is community-driven. How we interact and engage with this community is crucial. We understand how crypto talks and the audience it speaks to. Traditional community-building strategies don’t work in Web3, which is why our approach is different. BABs’ method has 4-pillars – what the product or project does, how it connects to the greater Web3 mission, how it will evolve over time, and who it speaks to. From Gen-Zers to crypto OGs we know how to connect projects with the right audience.


PR in crypto is unique. You need to understand the tech to tell its story in a manner that engages audiences and inspires mass adoption. Crypto placement is easy, it’s taking the Web3 narrative and adapting it to the mainstream media that takes true skill. We are narrating the future of tech, making crypto stories newsworthy and placing them in top-tier publications such as Bloomberg, Financial Times, Forbes, etc. A story is only worthwhile if it gets heard.

Tech development

A product is only worthwhile if there is a market willing to buy it. Our tech development approach consists of three elements. First, discovery and business analysis to understand real market needs – we build MVP with marketability in mind. Second, being agile in the fast-changing Web3 market. Third, developing a user experience that supports mass adoption, rather than creating tech products for techies.


While Web3 is about the digital world, we still need to connect IRL. What better way to bring your community together than a fun yacht party with handpicked DJs, or a crazy-themed launch party with Alicia Keys as the opening act? Our event producers have been doing engaging Web3 shows since Bitcoin was at $1000, they know the space and the people. We create more than fun parties, but rather immersive experiences where crypto comes to life IRL. We are talking about the creation of avatars, holograms, NFT ticketing, and more. We are connecting the digital with the physical!

Execution roadmap

How we work with brands like yours
to launch their first Web3 project
using branded NFTs

Discovery Phase & Research

Stage 1

Deep Dive & Prototyping

Stage 2

Development stage

Stage 3

Brand story & Identity

Stage 4

Marketing strategy development

Stage 5

Social Media Launch

Stage 6

PR, Media pitching

Stage 7

Collaborations & Partnerships

Stage 8

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