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Powering Growth From Every Angle

From fundraising and business strategy to software development, design, marketing, events, and everything in between.

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Marketing Strategy

By diving into competitive and target market analysis, we uncover data-driven insights that enable you to differentiate yourself, rise above the competition, and amplify your impact. From crafting a captivating brand story and messaging to devising a robust GTM strategy, optimizing SEO, forging impactful B2B partnerships, and polishing your pitch deck – we flesh out your vision and equip you with the tools to make a strong impression, connect with your target audience, and, most importantly – grow your business.

Digital Assets Creation

Top-notch design plays a key role in supercharging your project and bringing your brand to life. Whether it's developing a relevant logo, crafting a cohesive digital identity, conducting comprehensive UI/UX audits, or creating and launching an NFT collection, our award-winning design studio ensures that your digital assets not only reflect your brand's essence but also captivate your audience and unlock new opportunities for engagement and success.

Storytelling & PR

PR in emerging tech is more than just securing placements. It requires a deep understanding of innovation to tell its story in a way that captivates audiences and drives mass adoption. Our writers excel at crafting narratives that bridge the gap between technology and mainstream media. We are narrating the future of tech, making innovation stories newsworthy, and placing them in top-tier publications such as Bloomberg, Financial Times, Forbes, etc. A story is only worthwhile if it gets heard.

Social Media & Community Management

Leverage our dedicated Social Media & Community Management team to elevate your online presence. Our experts excel at unleashing the full potential of your social media platforms and cultivating a vibrant community around your project. Encompassing content, community, and influencer-based marketing strategies, our services are designed to amplify your brand’s reach, captivate your target audience, and ignite meaningful conversations that will inevitably help you scale.

Paid Ads

Ignite your project’s growth with our powerful Paid Ads service. Our team of digital advertising wizards knows all the tricks to create captivating campaigns that will maximize your brand's visibility and generate high-quality leads. From search engine ads to social media promotions, they will help you harness the full potential of paid advertising to bring a flood of qualified traffic your way.

Tech Development

Our tech development service is a comprehensive offering that covers a wide range of solutions, from website to smart contract development. We bring together cutting-edge technology and exceptional design expertise to create innovative and seamless digital experiences. Our time-tested devs are committed to helping you stay ahead of the curve, ensuring your innovation reaches widespread adoption.


While emerging tech is all about the digital world, we still need to connect IRL. Our event producers have been connecting the digital with the physical since Bitcoin was at $1000 – they know the space and the people. There's more to us than just fun parties. Dedicated to high social impact, our international event series connects teams, ignites partnerships, and drives funding to projects moving the needle.


From investor deck review to dedicated support throughout the fundraising process, our service offers you access to our senior in-house team's expertise in maximizing funding opportunities – at any stage of your project. While leveraging our extensive VC and partner ecosystem, they will guide you through your fundraising journey, ensuring you have the necessary resources to position your project for growth.

Execution roadmap

How we support projects like yours
through their unique growth journeys.

Discovery Phase & Research

Stage 1

Deep Dive & Prototyping

Stage 2

Development Stage

Stage 3

Brand story & Identity

Stage 4

Marketing Strategy Development

Stage 5

Social Media Launch

Stage 6

PR Media Pitching

Stage 7

Collaborations, Partnerships & Fundraising

Stage 8

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