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About Us

Nastya Adamova

Emerging tech can offer all that today's society longs for: inclusivity, recognition, and means to be creative. I'm here to shape the way we honor the unheard.


We’re BABs, a diverse team of badass women and time-tested experts building tech businesses to scale impact – committed to supporting innovators who share our vision of creating a better future for all.

What sets us apart is that we are not simply a cause-backed organization. We firmly believe in building a profitable and sustainable business that also makes a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Holistic Approach

With our innovative approach that connects investment, strategy, marketing, and communications, we are the growth engine for transforming emerging tech projects into global companies. By doing so, we become the fuel for industry-wide change.

Service provider & Angel Investor

Fostering a mutually beneficial relationship, BABs dedicates a portion of service costs towards reinvesting in client projects, aiming to enhance their ROI, actively support their business growth, and exemplify a steadfast commitment to their success.

Social Impact

We're proving that diversity breeds creativity and we’re on a mission to make inclusivity a priority in shaping a new future. We’re looking to present and promote those who were not heard enough in the past. Ethnically, demographically, racially, and beyond.

Our team

Founder & CEO

Catie Romero-Finger

Catie is a marketing and communications leader with 15+ years of experience in the tech industry. Leading the team at BABs, she is dedicated to empowering Web3 projects to connect their product to a solid business strategy. In reality, the word “project” is not the best term to use as these are actual businesses, and in order for a business to be successful, it is important that all aspects are developed and nurtured. Web3 is changing both the business and tech landscape and Catie is here to make sure these businesses make their mark on the industry.

Founder & COO

Nastya Adamova

Nastya is a seasoned Business Development leader with 10+ years of experience in high-tech. Her background in international business spans various sectors – from IT to FMCG and logistics, she ran operations and business strategy for major companies at a global scale. Since she co-founded BABs, Nastya helped numerous Web3 businesses to build their brand identity, grow a community, and refine their tech. From Kyiv to Dubai to New York, she’s elevating discussions on a variety of complex topics, including diversity, sustainability, and the intricacies of launching and scaling a business in Web3.

Partner & Global Head of Communication

Ryan Gorman

Ryan is a strategic consultant focused on branding, media relations, corporate communications, events, reputation management, and marketing for Web3 and financial services firms. He previously served as chief communications officer at Valkyrie Investments, a digital asset fund manager based in Nashville; and also worked as a journalist and at two bulge bracket banks in New York and Chicago.

Web3 Business Strategist

Adam Haluska

Adam is an active crypto investor, strategic advisor, founding community member, and DAO member across various NFT, DeFi, Gaming, and Web3 Projects. Over the past years, he has invested in 80+ crypto-related projects, helped many onboard to Web3, and successfully bring their product to market. Leveraging his prior 8-year-long experience in startups, product management, and marketing across various continents and industries, Adam helps BABs’ clients to find their true place and voice within the Web3 space by creating community and product-led growth strategies.

Founder & Head of Technology

Rost Pelekhovych

Rost is a Business Architect with over 20 years of experience helping brands to connect their overall market strategies with tech solutions that they will require to enter Web3 and launch a successful business. His diverse background in helping different types of tech companies connect their strategies with the right tech solutions allows him to see all the important angles of a project, making sure that the business model is the right one to make the project successful and market resistant. Although he has many skills, his analytical mind and strategic thinking are what make him crucial to the BABs team. In addition to leading the tech team at BABS, he is also our third co-founder and a strong proponent of supporting women in tech.

Web3 Marketing Strategist

Charlie Firebrace

Charlie Firebrace is an accomplished Web3 marketing strategist with over 7 years of experience, adept at navigating the rapidly changing digital media landscape. He has significantly advanced the digital presence and strategic impact of major Web3 brands such as Blockchain.com, Bitmex, and MantraDao. His expertise is not limited to individual projects; Charlie has effectively built partnerships with leading venture capital firms and agencies, orchestrating collaborations that foster innovation and growth within the Web3 ecosystem.

Charlie’s strategic acumen extends to aiding projects with fundraising and crafting compelling go-to-market strategies that engage specific target audiences and maximize their market impact.

Communication & PR Specialist

Laura Estefania

Laura Estefania is a skilled multilingual Innovation Tech and Web3 Communications Specialist with a rich background in International Political Economy and journalism. Laura offers innovative solutions to avant-garde startups, SMEs, and individuals, bridging communication gaps and delivering tailored strategies through her expertise in diverse languages.

With a focus on staying ahead of industry trends, Laura ensures exceptional results for her clients. Her career began in financial PR in London, where she provided services to fintechs and traditional finance actors, such as asset managers, banks, and family offices. Laura's role involved delivering industry insights and research, tailoring communications approaches, and safeguarding the reputation of her clients.

Laura's multifaceted skill set and dedication to excellence have made her a trusted advisor in the Web3 space. She is passionate about helping businesses navigate the complexities of the digital economy, offering strategic insights that drive growth and innovation.

Community Manager & Researcher

Victoria Enebeli

With a compelling background as an educator and mathematician, Victoria Enebeli stands at the intersection of technology and learning. Her expertise spans from the foundational elements of Web2 to the pioneering frontiers of Web3. Victoria thrives in content creation, public speaking, and advocacy, leveraging her extensive experience to empower individuals and organizations to harness the potential of blockchain technology.

As a recognized leader, she has led impactful marketing campaigns for NFT projects such as Crypto Crew and has collaborated with prominent web3 entities like 0xPolygon, Mara Foundation, KEOM Protocol, BlockGames, theZuriTeam, and WEB3LADIES. Victoria is a vanguard in the web3 space, advocating for self-improvement, diversity, inclusivity, and teamwork. Her triple expertise in leadership, oratory, and mainstream blockchain adoption makes her a pivotal figure in shaping the future of Web3.

Digital Advertising Consultant

Nikolett Vilmos

Nikolett is a digital advertising leader with 8 years of experience, holding an MSc Degree in Digital Marketing & Analytics, as well as Google & Meta certification. Passionate about generating tangible results for her clients across the globe, her data-driven approach combined with creativity shapes original campaigns that truly resonate with their target audience and entice action. Nikolett enjoys the complexity of blockchain projects and helps BABs’ clients to navigate through advertising restrictions faced by the industry.

Social Media Manager & Content writer

Harry Read

Harry is a lifelong technophile specializing in communications and content strategy. With extensive experience working closely with founders of multiple startups, Harry leverages his knowledge in gaming, DeFi, AI and the spatial web to drive growth in emerging technology sectors. His contributions have elevated brands such as BMW, Cartier, and Macy's, as well as numerous Web3-native companies. As a content writer and strategist, Harry delivers impactful messaging and powerful content that resonates with tech-savvy audiences.

Content Writer

Ana Grabundzijaa

Ana is a Cultural Anthropologist and Archaeologist (PhD) with 10 years of experience in theoretical and applied research studying technological innovation and adoption in different spatio-temporal contexts. Leveraging her background in crypto journalism and her passion for investigating tech-driven cultural transformation, Ana develops hero content for multiple platforms. At BABs, Ana is helping clients explain their technology and communicate their unique core values.

Web Product Owner

Katia Zhyadlo

Unafraid of different kinds of challenges, she is dedicated to helping BABs’ creative team discover solutions for problems that our clients face. Motivated to meet all client’s expectations and improve efficiency, Katia enjoys utilizing Scrum methodology in the iterative and incremental delivery of a product. She creates websites from scratch to the final product with very creative and rich visual elements.

Product Owner

Olha Datsiuk

Olha is a product owner in the creative industry with significant experience in managing creative teams. Thanks to her broad background in multiple creative areas, including animation and graphic design, Olha helped numerous companies to communicate with their audience and launch new products and brands. At BABs’ she oversees the development of products from start to finish, ensuring they meet our clients’ needs and preferences. Passionate about aligning with clients and improving efficiency, Olha particularly enjoys briefing and design sessions during the early phase of development.

Operations Director

Lynn Yara

Lynn is an experienced business manager with over 9 years of expertise in organizing and leading teams. Her background includes managing national teams for big corporates, such as Unilever.
Being passionate about anything organizational, Lynn’s skills in coordinating project development and implementing new operational processes make her any team’s vigorous driving force. At BABs, her analytical and strategic mind ensures our operations run smoothly and our team stays aligned, productive and happy.

Project & Operations Manager

Mara Trujillo

Mara is a business management specialist with 5+ years of experience in the financial sector, helping innovative solutions that revolutionize the way payments are made grow in the Colombian market. Equipped with expertise in stirring project development and execution, Mara is an assertive communicator whose coordination with the clients ensures timely deliverables by discussing additional tasks and adjustments as needed. In tune with each individual’s responsibilities and needs, she is key in monitoring BABs team’s performance, as well as strategy implementation across multiple projects, ensuring that the key operations meet our clients' standards.

Community Manager

Michael Afelumo

Michael is a full-time Web3 community manager with a strong background in creating and coordinating result-oriented ambassador programs that drive high engagement and interaction. Since joining the space in 2016, he has worked with different projects across several blockchains such as Fractal Protocol, KEOM Protocol, EET Oracle NFT, Battle Derby, Game DAO, and Citizend DAO. At BABs, Mike excels in developing and implementing tested strategies for cultivating vibrant communities, engaging with key opinion leaders (KOLs), and spearheading incentivized community activations, games, and bounties.

Community Strategist & Operations Director

Upkar Gata-Aura

Having been a Bitcoin enthusiast since the publication of the Whitepaper, Upkar is a blockchain OG with extensive experience in Web3 AI, Digital Identity, DeFi, and NFTs. He entered the space in 2013 and has been professionally active in the field since 2021, building a strong reputation as a respected voice in the industry. As our Community Strategy and Operations Partner, Upkar assists BABs in developing community-based outreach programs. Amassing a deep understanding of the fast-evolving Web3 landscape, Upkar is an invaluable asset to our clients. He provides a range of services, including market strategy consulting, operational support, and guidance on how to leverage existing communities for the betterment of their projects.

Influencer Manager & Operational Partner

Lubomir Drabik

Lubomir entered the Web3 space in 2017 and has since been actively learning about the technology while participating in various projects and making strategic investments. In 2018, he started collaborating with top Web3 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), acting as a broker and connecting them with suitable initiatives and numerous crypto communities. Leveraging his vast network, Lubomir brings value to both projects and KOLs, solidifying his reputation as a trusted Influencer Manager in the industry. At BABs, Lubomir plays a critical role in building a team of influencer partners for our clients – handling, overseeing, and directing influencer-based marketing strategies. In addition to managing communications and coordinating with the marketing team to achieve maximum impact for influencer campaigns, he ensures that all involved parties receive top-notch communication throughout the process.

SEO Specialist

Laura Planes

Laura is a seasoned communications professional and SEO specialist with 7+ years of experience in various PR and marketing roles. She began her career as a Press Officer, organizing international fashion shows in Paris for renowned brands including Jean-Paul Gaultier, Moncler, and Swarovski. Transitioning into project management at TF1, a prominent French TV channel, she cultivated partnerships with esteemed entertainment studios such as Warner Bros and Walt Disney and lead comprehensive communication campaigns across press relations, public relations, social media, and events. Following these achievements, Laura embarked on a globe-trotting adventure, culminating in Costa Rica, where she volunteered at a turtle rescue center while honing her skills in 360 marketing and specializing in SEO.

Graphic Designer

Jessica Mendes

Boasting 8+ years of experience as a digital graphic designer, Jessica mastered the art of crafting design solutions for diverse business segments. As a UI enthusiast, she thrives on problem-solving and continuously expanding her skill set, driven by an unwavering commitment to go above and beyond to ensure the utmost quality in every design she creates. At BABs, we join forces to deliver exceptional design solutions that propel our clients towards resounding success.

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